Take it easy, we know what we are doing – Chamisa tells restive CCC supporters calling for “action” 

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By Leopold Munhende | Chief Correspondent

CITIZENS Coalition for Change (CCC) President Nelson Chamisa has advised his supporters, agitating for “action” to take it easy.

Opposition supporters have been clamouring for Chamisa to ‘give them a sign’ so they shut down businesses in Zimbabwe through demonstrations in protest to their ‘stolen election’ and recent controversial recalls of the party’s 15 Parliamentarians by a shadowy Sengezo Tshabangu.

Speaking to journalists after his party’s 18th Citizens National Assembly meeting this week, Chamisa acknowledged the restive mood across Zimbabwe but said his party had decided to give dialogue a chance before ‘pursuing other options.’

“A lot of people are saying you are too slow, no, take it easy we know what we are doing. We understand the pulse of this nation, we know our influence, our capacity,” said Chamisa.

“Organising and mobilising are not our weaknesses, we have many but those are not. We can organise so well and mobile so well that we can even persuade Zanu PF members to be part of this issue because poverty knows no party.

“I have been across the whole country, people are charged, the mood is electric, people are raring to go.”

The opposition party has been a victim of what analysts and Election Observer Missions (EOMs) described as unfair treatment at the hands of not just the police but courts and Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC).

After enduring a tough campaign period in which tens of its members were arrested, disappeared, abducted and killed and having over 50 of its rallies barred by the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP), CCC had to contend with delayed delivery of voting material in opposition strongholds and later a result that is being challenged.

CCC supporters believe President Emmerson Mnangagwa did not claim 52.6% of the vote as announced by ZEC against Chamisa’s 44% and want to protest.

Added Chamisa: “We are saying hold back, we must be able to find each other and because they trust us, we are using that goodwill to explore the window of opportunity to dialogue and find each other.

“It does not mean we are imbeciles, peace is normally the weapon of the strong whereas violence is the default and DNA of the weak.”

The recent recalls by Tshabangu, despite a letter notifying Speaker of Parliament Jacob Mudenda of who and how CCC Members of Parliament (MP) will be recalled having been acknowledged, has been interpreted as Zanu PF’s way of ensuring a Parliamentary majority.

With a majority in Parliament, Mnangagwa will be able to extend his term beyond his second and currently final one.