Tapiwa Murder: Murehwa Villagers, Head, Storm Court Over Trial Delays

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By Mary Taruvinga

A GROUP of villagers from Makore Village, Murehwa, Monday stormed the High Court demanding answers over delays in the trial progress of late Tapiwa Makore, who was killed in a suspected ritual murder.

Tapiwa was murdered three months ago and his twin uncles, Thanks and Tapiwa Makore Senior, 53, have been arrested over the case alongside their sister-in-law, Maud Hunidzarira.

Tapiwa Makore Senior’s herdsman, Tafadzwa Shamba is also still in custody in connection with the murder.

On Monday, the villagers, led by their headman, stormed the High Court where judgement on bail application by Thanks Makore was expected to be handed down by Justice Tawanda Chitapi.

The judgement which has been pending for almost a month now was however postponed to December 18.

The late boy’s parents said they were so distressed over the delays on DNA tests conducted on the remaining body parts.

“We do not know why our case is not moving at all. It’s not easy for us. We have spent the past three months with mourners gathered at our homestead but still there is no closure,” said Tapiwa’s mother, Linda Munyori who was struggling to control herself as tears rolled down her cheeks.

“We were told that DNA results would be out in 23 days from the day samples were collected but up-to now there is no progress.

“We also don’t know why the courts are delaying with Thanks’ bail ruling. We do not know what the hold-up is, the suspects have been caught but they are not telling the police where they put my son’s head.

“I just want to bury him. It hurts me that his body has been in mortuary for three months,” said Munyori.

The village head, Michael Mavhura said they were appealing for help because they no longer knew how to handle the case.

“As long as he is not buried, the wounds in our hearts will remain fresh. We want the Judge President to help us. We want the whole country to help us. Who is delaying progress? Is it the police or the courts? Surely there is no funeral which lasts three months. Why is our case not coming to an end so that we can be at peace,” said Mavhura.

He said foul play could not be ruled out.

“Even the fish and the ants by now know. Why is it taking long? Are the police or the judges being bribed,” he said.

The family has since written to the Commissioner General of the Zimbabwe Republic Police requesting DNA test results for Tapiwa Jnr’s his body parts which are yet to be released.

In a letter dated 3 December addressed to the Commissioner General of Police and copied to the Prosecutor General, the Makore family, through its lawyer Tabitha Chikeya, said the DNA test results have taken longer than anticipated after they were promised to get them within 21 days from the date samples were collected.

In an interview, Chikeya said they were worried about delays adding that the results will expedite the delivery of justice and help the family get the closure it needed.

“We were here for Thanks Mkore bail judgement but unfortunately it has been postponed to December 18. What happens with cases of this nature is that the judge has to take time weighing the interests of the society as well as of justice.

“But I would want to say that there has been delays because it’s been a month now while we are waiting for bail ruling,” she said, further hoping this time there will be no a postponement.

Tapiwa Jnr was murdered in cold blood in September this year in a suspected ritual murder.

His paternal uncles are suspected to be the masterminds behind the boy’s murder.

The boy’s head and other body parts are still missing, delaying his burial.

Several searches have been conducted at his uncles’ places of residence.

A skull and some bones were recently found Tapiwa Senior’s blair toilet but investigations are still ongoing.