Tatelicious ventures into Music; abandons n’anga, now a firm believer in God

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By Staff Reporter

Controversial socialite Tatenda ‘Tatelicious’ Karigambe has set her sights on new challenges and is ready to drop her debut music album.

The socialite announced live on Facebook to more than two thousand viewers that the album will be assembled by local producer, Simplex.

“I am planning my debut album with one of the producers from Zimbabwe, Simplex to be precise. We are still breaking down the concepts and everything,” Tatelicious said.

“I no longer have my dogs, I no longer have much stress and I no longer have a house  which requires me to go to work so that I can settle the bills. I now have all the time in my hands,” she added.

She also revealed that she had abandoned her traditional practices and now a Christian.

The transition to Christianity, according to Tatelicious, was inspired by events that unfolded in South Africa where she claimed that she was sexually assaulted by OR Tambo airport staffers.

“So now I can focus on my music career and get ready. I am not sure when the album will be out but we are working and praying.

“I now belong to God, I no longer follow traditional healers and I have since resigned from that practice.

“I was thoroughly beaten in South Africa and you will never see me visit traditional healers ever again. I am now a firm believer in God and I am genuinely serving God,” she added.

She however did not mention which genre she will be singing but her huge fan base supported her new endeavour.