Teacher Saved Jail Over Sex Attack On Pupil (13)

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By Mary Taruvinga

A STUDENT teacher at Seke Teachers’ College, Nashville Gwariwa has escaped jail after he was convicted for fondling a 13-year-old pupil at Highlands Primary School in Harare where he was on work attachment.

Gariwa was convicted after a full trial and pleaded guilty saying he was unaware that he was committing a crime.

He was convicted by Harare Magistrate Dennis Mangosi who, however, suspended two months of his sentence on condition he performs 350 hours of community service at Makoni Clinic in Seke.

Further 10 months were suspended on condition he does not commit a similar offence in five years.

In sentencing, Gwariwa, the magistrate said the state had proved beyond doubt that he committed the offence.

He was being charged with indecent assault.

Highlands Primary School headmistress Mavis Ngwarati also testified, telling the court her school does not condone such behaviour from its teachers.

According to Prosecutor Sherlynn Sadomba on December 10 last year, Gwariwa met the complainant who was in the company of her friend at the school.

The court heard Gwariwa offered the complainant a present, a yellow jacket, which she only took after Gwariwa insisted.

Later Gwariwa asked the complainant to accompany him to the music room, and the pupil’s friend excused herself.

While in the music room, Gwariwa asked the victim to help him find his laptop charger. He also told the girl that he was going to miss her badly before he asked that she was supposed “to do something for him.”

He then asked the complainant to kiss him, but the girl declined. Gwariwa then held the complainant by her hand and drew her close to him, begging for a kiss.

The complainant tried to scream but was stopped by Gwariwa who quickly closed her mouth using one of his hands.

He further grabbed the complainant by her waist and dragged her much closer to him, but the complainant then pushed him away.

The complainant’s friend then suddenly appeared and Gwariwa jumped away.  She then told her friend what Gwariwa had done to her.

The two then went to report the incident to the school headmistress who reported the matter to the police, leading to Gwariwa’s arrest.