Teachers threaten to boycott schools second term

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By Mandipa Masenyama

TEACHERS have threatened to down tools over incapacitation ahead of the commencement of the second term of 2022 next week.

The government, Tuesday, announced the school opening dates for the second term of 2022, emphasising on the need to comply with Covid-19 prevention measures.

Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union president Obert Masaraure told that it is going to be a mammoth task due to their incapacitation.

“Teachers remain severely incapacitated, parents are also incapacitated and the schools have no capacity to adhere to Standard Operating Procedures in the face of Covid-19. Government has reneged on its mandate of providing education. It is going to be extremely difficult to effectively and safely open schools,” Masaraure said.

In preparation for the second term to kick off next week, Masaraure exposed the plight of teachers, urging the government to restore the November salaries pegged at US$540.

“The material conditions, which led to the abortion of term 1 still exist and under such circumstances, no miracle will happen. Term 2 will also be aborted. It is apparent that teachers still have no capacity to report for duty,” Masaraure highlighted.

“Goods and services are now pegged in USD, and it is only fair for all salaries to be in USD. If the government fails to adjust, then social services will collapse,” Masaraure added.

First term of 2022 was characterised by the government and teachers fighting over the latter’s failure to report for work and their fight for decent wages.

As the country’s inflation rate has reached 96,4%, teachers are demanding salaries in US dollars.