Tech firm launches new online store; says Zimbabwe can grow digital economy

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By Staff Reporter

A LOCAL information and technology company says Zimbabwe has the ability to tap into online business, in the process of digitalising the country’s economy through embracing scientific knowledge.

This comes as ZimhHost Webdesigners introduced digital commerce platform Own Your Online Store (OyOs).

OyOs offers a platform for consumers to purchase goods online through a WhatsApp bot that is easily accessible to the majority of Zimbabweans.

The online platform said the initiative was born out of the need for Zimbabwe to catch up with digitally developed countries.

“We believe that our team’s collaborative efforts to deliver world class solutions to the sub-Saharan digital sphere will go a long way in alleviating business operations for the general Zimbabwean populace,” the company said in a statement.

“Given the aforementioned pretext, OyOs stores being functional with local and

multinational banking systems as a payment gateway present an opportunity to provide Zimbabwean business community as whole, a fairly nationwide accessible service which keeps the nation in touch with 1st world business solutions in their day to day operations.”

OyOs has incorporated mobile money networks to offer easy payment for goods purchased on its platform.

“OyOs being pushed by the tedious nature of online business in 3rd world sub sub-Saharan context, identified the cost of online e-commerce stores, which is beyond the reach of the average Zimbabwean consumer especially if they need to make use of unrestricted payment gateways.”

The company added; “We have approached all payment gateway platforms and integrated

onto our platform i.e. Ecocash, ZimSwitch, PayPal, PayNow, Iveri (Master and Visa card) etc.

“Owing to the fact that all monotonous processes are completed by OyOs and are also integrated implicates that we offer affordable premiums for free, all you do is pay the monthly maintenance and hosting of your site.

“Given the vast nature of the OyOs brand’s online business, volumes are not an issue and can therefore afford to deliver the online store for free.

“In continuum, our clients that need custom tasks done such as mobile applications and customisation of the stores including the monthly subscriptions in volume, which will inevitably translate into large scale traffic which feeds to inevitable turnover for our client’s businesses.”