Teen mauled by crocodiles while bathing

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By Matabeleland North Correspondent

Hwange: A 17-year-old boy was killed by a crocodile while bathing in Gwayi River in Mabale area, Hwange district.

The deceased Bongani Dube’s father, Donald Dube of Ndajila village told police his son had informed his cousins Lovemore Dube and Methembe Sibanda he was going for a bath by the river at around 11 am on 3 April.

The river is some 50 metres counting from the homestead boundary fence.

Dube said about 15 minutes later, Lovemore and Methembe followed Bongani to the river only to find his clothes on the side while he was nowhere in sight.

They then called out his name but got no response.

They assumed he had gone somewhere and they proceeded to take a bath in the same river hoping he would return.

The two juveniles became suspicious after about an hour when Bongani failed to return and proceeded to alert other villagers after which a report of a missing person was made.

Police attended the scene the following day and searched for the body but could not locate it.

The search party resumed on 5 April and the body was found submerged in water about a kilometre downstream from where the clothes were.

The upper and lower body had been cut into two on the waist with the parts found about 10 metres apart.

Intestines were missing.

The body was retrieved and Hwange provincial magistrate Sheila Nazombe waived post-mortem.

Chief Nelukoba in whose area the incident occurred said cases of crocodile attacks in the river were common and worrying.

“This is not the first case that has happened as many people and even livestock have been attacked.

“Some have died while some survived and we have always raised the issue that these crocodiles should be removed,” he said.