TelOne data tariffs up 36%

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By Technomag

AMIDST the economic crisis, service providers have been feeling the pinch and they have been increasing prices so as to stay in business. With effect from August 9 the TelOne home broadband tariffs have been reviewed upwards by 36%.

This comes after another upward price review which was in March which was more or less a reaction to the February Monetary Policy. With the ongoing economic downturn, no one really knows if these reviews will ever end or they will continue until the economy is sorted.

The Home Basic which was $37,50 is now $58,50 with the Home Basic Night now pegged at $74 from $45. The Intense and Infinity Pro packages were 300 and 222.50 respectively. Now for the same packages, a subscriber has to fork out $347 for the Infinity Pro and $468 for the Intense package.