Tendai Biti: A ‘political Lucifer’

AS the dispute in the MDC-T continues to unfold, upon reflection my brains effortlessly switched to the imagination of events that took place when the biblical Lucifer chose to disobey and despise GOD’S rule and all the forces that held the “divine government” intact. Talented as he (Tendai Biti) is as a politician in many respects, of course not in all respects as clearly judged by his premature and eventual irrelevance in opposition politics of Zimbabwe, I find it not boggling at all to relate the demise of his political career to the permanent fall of Lucifer from heaven.
I agree with the fact that Lucifer was responsible for the day to day running of the kingdom of God. I also agree with the fact that Lucifer was part of the top hierarchy of the “divine government”. To be “earthly” about the whole issue of hierarchy in relative terms, there were three officials above Lucifer – The Father, Son and Holy Spirit – and to relate this to the then hierarchy in the MDC-T, there was the President (Morgan Tsvangirai), Vice President (Thokozani Khupe) and National chairman (Lovemore Moyo) above Tendai Biti.
Before his fall, Lucifer was the first of the covering cherubs, holy and undefiled and the Lord talked and described him in words that reveal the level of trust and love for him. God said, “Thus saith the Lord; Thou sealest up the sum, full of wisdom and perfect in beauty. Thou art the anointed cherub that covereth, and I have set thee so. Thou was upon the holy mountain of God. Thou was perfect in thy ways from the day that thou was created, till iniquity was found in thee and thou have corrupted thy wisdom by reason of thy brightness”.
Coveting the honor which God had bestowed upon Christ, Lucifer – as the prince of angels – aspired to power which was the prerogative of Christ alone to wield. Lucifer decided to depart from efforts by the heavenly councils who tried to plead with him and as a result he got himself rewarded with a punishing verdict. Pride nourished the desire for supremacy and Lucifer went forth to diffuse discontent among the angels, and he afforded to secure a following. Lucifer was eventually removed from his responsibilities in heaven and got demoted permanently to earth along with his followers.
Now let me relate the case of Lucifer to Tendai Biti’s case. Biti was at the helm of MDC-T since he got elected as the party’s  secretary general (after professor Welshman Ncube) at congress. Supporters and members of the movement loved and admired his display of intelligence, charisma, militancy, focus, and so on. The gentleman had undoubted influence within and outside MDC-T.Advertisement

It came as a bombshell to me that a person of such a calibre is actually pseudo-prudent to the extent of personally nullifying all the credits that his seniors and such a huge following of the party attached to his political curriculum vitae. Now the question is what actually is wrong with Biti. I want to believe that Biti mistook the trust from his colleagues in MDC-T, especially from his president – Morgan Tsvangirai, for something else that he himself can’t even describe, because it’s quite surprising how he managed to throw a self-destructing boomerang at this political period in particular.
It’s quite clear that Biti is too full of himself to the extent that he thinks he knows everything and as such he should be the “top” guy, since in his own belief, it’s bounden in him. It’s a shame that some individuals in society allow themselves to be dragged from “heaven” to “earth” by people like Biti who choose to ignore the political will of the people in order to fulfill their personal ambitions. It’s also agreeable that Biti displayed the highest level of power hunger, dictatorial tendencies, shallow-mindedness, self-centredness, and so on, as well cowardice as shown by his efforts to subvert the will of the people by trying to effect boardroom leadership change through sidelining the congress and the dictates of party constitution.
One then questions how Biti managed to get a following to the extent of roping in the Madzore brothers especially. How did these gallant cadres fall for Biti’s idea? How did the revolutionary songs writer and singer, Paul Madzore, fail to stick to the encouragement enshrined in his music to the extent of losing track like that? How did other cadres manage to follow this guy? How sweet and convincing are the songs that Biti is singing to these guys? How exquisite is Biti’s idea to people who are buying it? What kind of a “political Lucifer” is he? What is this guy’s agenda?
After all we have been through since the pre-independence era, it’s high time we become responsible politically and develop a “political answer book” to each and every question that comes before us, to each and every eye-brow raiser along the thorny journey towards our destination, so that in the future it’s going to be easy to notice and tackle these “luciferian behaviors” as they come. Lest we forget that politics is a concerto that is played by “loyalty” as the only instrument to the music. It’s now a reality comrades, that Biti is no longer relevant in the opposition politics of Zimbabwe, not to mention Elton Mangoma, as well the Madzore brothers and others.