The Easiest Way To Avoid Betting Site Scams

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Thousands of users get scammed by betting sites each year. It’s a growing problem as hackers become more astute and the number of black market bookmakers increases. Thankfully, there is one simple way to ensure you never fall victim to these attacks and will maintain your online safety. 

All you have to do is find trustworthy online bookmakers – and this guide will explain how to do just that. 

Find Lists Of Reputable Betting Sites

Looking for something like CasinoGam’s list of credible UK non GamStop betting sites is an easy way to separate the good sites from the bad ones. Lists like these will specifically look at betting sites you can trust; they also include countless in-depth reviews to give you more confidence that you’re choosing a reliable site. 

It’s never wise to join a bookmaker that doesn’t appear on a review site’s list. You must question why it’s not present: has it slipped under the radar or is it untrustworthy? 

Nine times out of ten your answer will be the latter. Don’t take the risk; find websites that provide lists of respected betting providers and choose your site from there. 

Use A Website Malware and Security Checker

Let’s say you come across a betting site during your regular online browsing. Or, maybe you saw it advertised somewhere. Either way, you know the name of the site, but you’re unsure if it can be trusted. 

The wrong approach is to immediately click on a website link. Don’t do this. You have no idea how safe the site is and the moment you’re on it you could be at risk. 

A better idea is to use a website malware and security checker like Sucuri. Tools like this are free and they let you copy and paste a URL into a box to be checked. During the checking process, the site is scanned for any of the following: 

  • Malware
  • Viruses
  • Blacklisting status
  • Website errors
  • Malicious codes

You receive a snapshot showing the site’s security status and telling you if you should trust it or not. 

Bear in mind that these scans aren’t always 100% accurate and some websites may be unscannable. However, if a site scans and gets flagged for problems, it’s a fairly good indication to avoid that bookmaker and find a new one. 

Look At Player Reviews

What better way to know if a betting site is safe than by seeing what current and old players think? Viewing review websites or Google Reviews can help you see if people comment on scams. Some review sites will let you search for keywords too, so you can literally look for any mentions of the word “scam” or “threat”. 

The critical factor here is to focus on reviews mentioning scams. Generally speaking, player reviews for online betting sites will be poor. People don’t like losing bets, so they’re highly likely to leave a negative review. Similarly, if a player has a positive experience, they’re less likely to go to the effort of writing a review about it. 

This means it’s entirely possible (and probable) to find betting sites with low review scores of 1-2 stars out of 5. If none of the reviews say anything about genuine scam attempts or security issues, then the website is still safe! 

Read The Terms & Conditions

We recommend taking this step if the betting site passes security scans so you know it’s safe to load up. The majority of betting scams happen after you join a sportsbook and start spending money. 

One very common scam is for the bookmaker to withhold your deposit/winnings. You add money to your account, place bets and get lucky. There’s now a big chunk in your account – but the betting site refuses to let you withdraw all of it. 

How can they possibly get away with this? Well, did you read the terms and conditions before signing up? Every betting site will have them and they will outline things like the maximum amount of money they’ll pay out on a bet, or the maximum you can ever withdraw from the site. 

In the hypothetical scenario listed above, the betting site might state in its T&Cs that you cannot withdraw more than $500 in your lifetime. If that’s the case, and you win $2,000, then you can’t get the extra $1,500 and the site is legally covered because they wrote it in their terms and conditions. 

Always make sure you read the T&Cs in detail before joining a betting site. It’s a boring process, but it’s worth it to avoid being scammed. 
After using the tips in this guide, you can dodge common betting scams and ensure you only visit trustworthy and legal sportsbooks. Now, you can enjoy betting on your favourite sports and tournaments, like the African Cup of Nations or the English Premier League.