The Elders revive Zim national dialogue prospects

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By Anna Chibamu

ZIMBABWE’s political crisis has once again attracted the attention of global political leaders with The Elders now looking at ways of bringing to the negotiating table heckling parties in the country.

The Elders a group of eminent international politicians known was in the country last week to try and kick-start a sticky negotiation process between ruling party Zanu PF and MDC.

Led by its chairperson Mary Robinson and her deputy former Mozambican First Lady who later became South African First Lady Graca Machel, The Elders met with President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Saturday at State House and later met with MDC leader Nelson Chamisa at Meikles Hotel in Harare.

In a statement after the meetings the group said it had urged political leaders to commit to “truly inclusive dialogue.”

But sources indicated there are talks before talks underway.

“They are pushing for dialogue,” said a source.

Chamisa refused to reveal much.

“We sent our condolences messages to the Mugabe family. This is bereavement. We do things the African way to mourn with those who are mourning. I urge all Zimbabweans to appreciate that yes we had differences with Mr Mugabe.

“We had differences over decades, political differences and disputes around his governance, his leadership, his managing style but for now let us mourn, let us focus on the issues of mourning; beyond that we will then have other time to reflect on other issues on where we need to correct and what we need to do going forward as a country,” Chamisa said.

The Zimbabwe Council of Churches’ Reverend Mutata who has been pushing for dialogue between the political party leaders could not comment either when questioned by journalists over the dialogue issue as he referred questions to Robinson and Mandela’s widow.