The growing tourism industry of Zimbabwe: 4 Must-Visit Destinations to Go to in 2024

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For visitors and as a tourist destination, Zimbabwe is underrated in its visitor numbers and its hype. However, on social media with a resurgence of travel blogs and content creators, the country with a population of around 16 million is being put on the map.

Thanks to social media, people are documenting their travels in Zimbabwe and showing a first-person look at all the tourist attractions that the southern African country has to offer. It is working for them because, in 2023, there was a large increase in tourist numbers, as in the third quarter of the year, the number of visitors rose by 46.7 percent!

Aside from social media, several reasons can be linked to Zimbabwe’s recent tourism growth, and one of them is the larger scale of marketing that tourism companies are doing. Visit Zimbabwe, for example, has recently been heavily featured in online and television advertisements internationally. They market Zimbabwe as the culture-rich and beautiful country that it is, which can attract customers as they see the country as visually appealing.

For the new social media generation, visual marketing is important to attract attention as we are all so used to viewing products online and reading reviews before we decide to buy them.

The same can be said for many online industries that provide products and services and rely on visual marketing or aesthetically pleasing products. In the same way, online adverts for travel companies need to look nice, and so do adverts for things that rely on graphics such as gaming sites.

Different sites and countries will have different brandings but effective branding will attract more customers. For example, those who belong to an online casino in Australia are attracted to the bright-colored branding that is infamous in the country which matches Australia’s sunny and bright climate.

For Zimbabweans, hospitality and culture is a huge part of the country’s identity which they want to showcase to all visitors. Excursions to the most beautiful tourist attractions can be booked easily through travel companies but the question is which ones should tourists visit?

The Victoria Falls waterfall

The Zambezi River is home to the stunning Victoria Falls waterfall which has a different name in its native language. Home to the Nile crocodile and the River Climbing Acacia plant, the waterfall is a hub for rare animals and plants.

The waterfall was identified in 1855 officially by a Scottish missionary called David Livingstone and the falls were named Victoria Falls as a colonial name after the English queen at the time, Queen Victoria. Although the proper name for the falls comes from the Sotho language. In this language, Victoria Falls is named “The Smoke That Thunders”, and is pronounced as Mosi-oa-Tunya.

One of the big attractions within Victoria Falls is the Devil’s Pool which you can swim in! It’s close to Livingstone Island and is almost smack bang in the middle of the waterfall. For those who wish to visit, make sure you are a strong swimmer as you may have to swim upstream to reach it. If you’re fine with wading, you can wade from the island to Devil’s Pool but the water will at least reach your waist, unless you’re small.

Nyamatusi Camp

This beautiful remote camp is home to the eco-friendly Mana Lodges where guests are right in front of Zimbabwe’s wildlife. Views from the camp include the natural landscape and river as well as some special animal guests if you are lucky. Each of the properties which are in the form of guest tents includes a plunge pool, an outdoor shower, and a viewing deck.

Best of all, African Bush Camps, the company that supplies visits to the Nyamatusi Camp, challenged oil drilling near the Mana Pools in an open letter, so you know they are out to protect biodiversity and wildlife in the area.

While this attraction is considered a form of accommodation it is a beautiful attraction alone, given the stay includes activities like canoeing safaris and fishing on the Zambezi River, if you wish. All meals are included for guests, although Visa fees and other expenses will need to be paid for separately.

The cost to stay at the camp starts from a minimum of $3414 for a 7-night stay.  As previously stated, this price includes all food and activities subject to conditions. However, if good value for money and luxury are your thing, we’d suggest inquiring now!


Harare is home to plenty of natural and human-made attractions and many viral food spots that you can find on TikTok. However, for those who might be a bit bored with the safari life, there are many things to do in Harare as well as seeing the animal sanctuaries.

That’s not to say Harare doesn’t have many natural attractions to visit, because the Mukuvisi Woodlands and outdoor areas are the perfect viewing spots to spot even more wildlife in a safe setting.

On the cultural side, Harare is known for its showcasing of traditional African art at the Shona Sculpture Gallery and the Chapungu Sculpture Park.

With stunning views, head to Organikks, the patio spot for lovely cocktails and a mix of fresh beautiful food. Head here at sunset to soak up that Zimbabwean sun.


Perfect for a quieter trip, the town of Nygana in Nygana District in the East Highland of Zimbabwe is a town built for tourists. Hire an off-road vehicle and you can participate in activities to your heart’s content from horse riding, to visiting the beach or walking through the Nyanga National Park.

Nyganga is geographically harder to get to, so driving or tours that include transportation are a must, especially for outdoor activities. However, for those who love to be active and love thrills, zipline over the Mutarazi Falls or make your way up the World’s View viewpoint to glance over the mighty Nyanga.