The People Have Rejected Us: Komichi

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By Thandiwe Garusa

MDC-T national chairperson Morgen Komichi has cast serious aspersions on the future of his party after it was trounced during last Saturday’s by-elections.
In a leaked audio clip, Komichi is heard telling Mashonaland West provincial vice youth chairperson, Maltin Mukusha, that MDC-T is now dead.
Mukusha had asked Komichi for the way forward after they lost in the recently held by-elections.
The party failed to win any of the seats and wards contested for.
Its candidates failed to get a single vote at some polling stations.
Party leader Douglas Mwonzora, earlier this week blamed voter apathy for the poor performance.
“Our party has been rejected.  I do not know what we can do but the truth of the matter is that people rejected MDC. To the people, MDC is no longer worth a party,” Komichi is heard saying in the audio.
“To them, MDC is just a package of Zanu. They now see our party as a Zanu PF apprentice. It is no longer worth voting for.
“It is uniform countrywide.  It means people feel the same towards us wherever you go despite being the same party which was led by Tsvangirai and Chamisa and had massive support. Now people no longer recognise it,” Komichi said.
Komichi added, “Find out from the people on the ground and they will tell you the truth. Let us not lie to ourselves.”
“I also do not know why people rejected us and I cannot speculate because I am one of those who were rejected. I am bound to try to justify but if you do your research from ordinary people who voted, they will tell us the truth and that is the only way forward.”