The Vagina Bible adverts blocked by social media

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Twitter, Facebook and Instagram blocked adverts promoting a doctor’s book about vaginal health, according to US publisher Kensington.

Numerous social media posts using the words ‘vaginal’ or ‘vagina’, advertising Dr Jennifer Gunter’s The Vagina Bible, were rejected.

Content without these words was approved.

“We did not take action on Promoted Tweets from this account because of references to sexual organs, as those are permitted within our rules,” a Twitter spokesperson told BBC News

“The rejection of some of the promoted content was due to a combination of human error and violations, including the use of profanity and adult products.”

Facebook told BBC News it is investigating the claims.

Blocked tweets were later re-instated and Facebook posts using the words vagina and vaginal health were permitted.

“Vagina is an anatomical term and not a “dirty” word” wrote Dr Jennifer Gunter in a tweet shared thousands of times, and many social media users criticised the platforms’ decisions.

The UK-based Vagina Museum also revealed that just one of seven submitted Facebook posts advertising its organisation has been approved.

Kensington Books claimed that Twitter said its sponsored tweets were “promoting adult sexual products and services” or used “inappropriate language”.