The Zhuwao Brief Reloaded Article 03 (ZBR03); #2018Resistance to Kleptocratic Primitive Accumulation

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The Zhuwao Brief Reloaded (ZBR) notes the purge of senior police officers that has been effected in the Zimbabwe Republic Police by the coup conspirators and terrorist junta.
This purge has been effected to ensure the entrenchment of kleptocracy and institutionalize the primitive accumulation ethos of the ideologically vacuous coup conspirators and terrorist junta. The coup conspirators and terrorist junta are so ideologically vacuous that their only motivational imperatives are the entrenchment of kleptocracy and the institutionalization of primitive accumulation.
This ZBR entitled “#2018Resistance to Kleptocratic Primitive Accumulation” is inspired by the brave efforts of Thandekile Moyo (whose twitter handle is @mamoxn) who tweeted on 16th January 2018 a video of a member of the Presidential Guard of the Zimbabwe National Army who refused to pay for a ride on a privately owned commuter omnibus public transport vehicle, popularly referred to as a kombi. Her comments on the video were as follows: “In Kombi & some1 didn’t pay. Witch-hunt time! Conductor asks every1 who they handed their $1 to. Asks soldier next of next to me to pay &he says for what? Refuses to pay. Kombi stops they tell him to get off. He refuses. Flat out! Journey continues. #Kutonga kwaro (means the rule of the crocodile). #Zimbabwe”.
This apparently small incident provides the window to understanding that the purges of senior police officers are designed to frustrate, threaten and terrorise the police from investigating criminal activities that are being done by the coup conspirators and terrorist junta as they move to entrench kleptocracy and institutionalize primitive accumulation.
[As an aside, please note that Chiwenga had initially ordered that thirty senior police officers be purged when Mnangagwa was away. Mnangagwa came back and reduced the purge to eleven. These inconsistencies point to an escalation of simmering conflict between the coup conspirators and the terrorist junta in the not too distant future that will end in bloodshed.
Vacharidzirana (literally means they will open fire on each other). The ZBR’s #2018Resistance series has and will consistently refer to the current regime in Zimbabwe as the coup conspirators and terrorist junta to reflect both their dual factional makeup of the Lacoste and COSLEG (refer to UN report of DRC plunder) factions under the respective leadership of Mnangagwa and Chiwenga.]Advertisement

What is instructive is that the purges of senior police officer have taken place as the front man of the coup conspirators and terrorist junta, ED Mnangagwa, is preparing to go to the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Switzerland scheduled for 23rd to 26th January 2018.
I actually saw the coup conspirators and terrorist junta’s senior officials at Dubai airport on Saturday 20th January 2018 on their way to Davos. Handei tione tonosangana ikoko (means let’s go on ahead to meet there). ED’s primary objective at Davos is the recruitment of more EDiots who will be conned and deprived of their wealth and resources. He will find #2018Resistance waiting for him there; working the conference behind the scenes thanks to the experience gathered within ZANU PF.
The business community in Zimbabwe and internationally should take heed and be warned that there is massive and significant traction for the “#2018Resistance to Kleptocratic Primitive Accumulation” of the coup conspirators and terrorist junta. To ensure that we are on the same page, the ZBR will provide a couple of definitions to the terms used in this paper; particularly kleptocracy and primitive accumulation.
A dictionary definition of Kleptocracy is “a government or state in which those in power exploit national resources and steal; rule by a thief or thieves.” Among its manifestations are nepotism and dictatorship. This is evidenced by a Facebook post on 21st January from Revesayi Mutede (whose twitter handle is @revesaymutede) which depicts a screenshot of how the Mnangagwas are exploiting desperate job seekers and chrome resources in Kwekwe in order to extend their personal wealth and political power by ensuring that Zunaid Moti’s African Chrome Fields only employs the people approved by the Mnangagwas. Is it not true that the Mnangagwas treat Moti’s private planes the same way that the Presidential Guard soldier treated the commuter omnibus? What type of foreign investor is willing to be treated that way?
The regime of the coup conspirators and terrorist junta is so kleptocratic that only EDiots will trust it especially at Davos. #2018Resistance will be in full force at Davos taking note of those EDiots engaging and dealing with the kleptocrats of the coup conspirators and terrorist junta. #2018 Resistance to Kleptocratic Primitive Accumulation will take to task any and all individuals who represents public institutions like governments or listed companies and bring such untoward engagement and dealings to the attention of their various stakeholders.
The regime of coup conspirators and terrorist junta is not only kleptocratic, but is so ideologically vacuous that its only guiding principle is primitive accumulation. The regime is made up of the very same characters that were cited by the United Nations report on the “Plundering of DR Congo natural resources: Final report of the Panel of Experts (S/2002/1146)”, with particular reference to paragraphs 27 and 28. How can any right thinking person take such kleptocrats seriously? These kleptocrats are steeped in the processes of primitive accumulation dating back to the war in the Democratic Republic of Congo two decades ago.
Their exercise of primitive accumulation involves the process of taking over resources through violence. They then enclose such resources and expel the populations that had access to such resources. This is done in order to create a resource-less class. The captured resources are then released for the purpose of accumulating wealth. Mnangagwa is therefore coming here to Davos so that he can find takers for the resources that they have captured from Zimbabweans. The coup conspirators and terrorist junta have used this model to grab power in Zimbabwe and now want to abuse state power to further accumulate wealth.
As #2018Resistance conducts its activities on the side-lines of the World Economic Forum in Davos this week, each and every person that engages and deals with the kleptocrats of the coup conspirators and terrorist junta has to apply their minds to a number of. It is imperative that participants at the World Economic Forum must conduct proper due diligence on these kleptocrats and avoid being hood winked as was done to a British newspaper which attempted to put lipstick on the crocodile.
True to their nature of being robbers and pirates, the coup conspirators and terrorist junta has been selling a false narrative of ED Mnangagwa as being pro-business whereas in effect he is actually a predator, true to his nickname of being a crocodile, Lacoste. Only EDiots will be become prey to this economic predator.
How does one engage and deal with thieves and crooks that rob their fellow citizens by considering cases such as that of Mutumwa Mawere’s Africa Resources Limited and Shabanie Mashaba Mines? Due diligence requires one to question such things as the supposed “acquisition” of FlyAfrica by one Cassidy Mugwagwa who was jointly charged with Tongai Mnangagwa (ED’s son) for swindling a paltry amount of US$2,700 on 21st June 2011 as reported in the Herald of the following day. How does Gerald Mlotshwa (ED’s son in law) who was representing a litigant in a shareholding matter of Empowerment Corporation’s 40% stake in Telecel Zimbabwe end up being the sole and beneficial owner as reported in the DailyNews of 19th December 2017?
Before engaging and dealing with these kleptocrats of the coup conspirators and terrorist junta, participants at Davos must be ready to account to their stakeholders back in their territories after Davos is concluded. #2018Resistance to Kleptocratic Primitive Accumulation promises to engage with the stakeholders of those that will engage and deal with kleptocrats. Those stakeholders will be supported and assisted by #2018Resistance to hold such EDiots to account for engaging and dealing with kleptocrats.
The purge of senior officials within the police is designed to clear the route for the entrenchment of kleptocracy so that the coup conspirators and terrorist junta can go about their nefarious activities of primitive accumulation.
To the participants at the World Economic Forum in Davos, that purge should be of concern to you if you are thinking of investing in Zimbabwe. You should not behave like ED’s idiots; don’t be EDiots. Do your proper due diligence on the kleptocratic regime of coup conspirators and terrorist junta.
Asante Sana. Mina lawe silom’sebenzi. Iwe neni tine basa