These are the three types of foods you should be eating every day, says this fitness coach

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Who better to find out what to eat while trying to keep your weight down than from a weight loss coach?

Jenna Rizzo, a fitness coach who, according to her TikTok profile, has helped over 300 people lose weight, shares what types of food she eats on a daily basis.

The video she shares on TikTok is captioned: “These 3 foods are my personal daily staples.”

“One thing about me is I like to eat, so having these foods on deck keeps me satiated throughout the day, and also keeping me in pretty good shape,” Rizzo tells her followers.

Number one on her list is pre-cooked protein.

Every few days she will batch cook proteins such as chicken thighs, steak, and shrimp.

Every few days she will batch cook proteins such as chicken thighs, steak, and shrimp. Picture: Nadin Sh / Pexels

With the protein prepared, she can then just mix and match meals with whatever she has in her fridge or pantry.

“Whether that be rice, pasta or a salad stuff,” she adds.

She prefers this over meal prepping because she says she doesn’t like eating the same food every day.

Second on her list is any type of fermented foods.

According to Rizzo, fermented foods help with bloating way more than any type of green drink.

She lists foods like yoghurt, sauerkraut, kimchi and kombucha.

Third on her list is fruit.

She likes to have fruit like mixed berries at hand. Picture: Nacho Posse / Pexels

Referring to fruit as “nature’s candy” she says that she always has them on hand.

She admits that because she works from home, she falls victim to that mindless snacking from time to time.

Therefore, she makes sure she has berries, apples, mangoes and bananas at hand.

So when she wants something sweet, she can simply reach for a fruit.