Thomas Mapfumo mentee drops new single ‘Corona’

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By Staff Reporter

SINCE time immemorial Zimbabwean music has been identified by its unique sound that is organic backed up by traditional instruments like mbira (thumb piano) and hosho (rattles).

This unique sound is believed to have a connection with the spiritual realm.

The Zimbabwean sound has endeared some of the country’s biggest musicians like Thomas Mapfumo, Mbuya Stella Chiweshe and Chioniso Maraire among others, with global music lovers.

Consequently a musical footprint on international music landscape was left due to this unique sound.

However the uniqueness has been wiped away by mushrooming genres that have been adopted by local musicians in the form of ZimDancehall, Amapiano, Hip Hop among others.

As much as some musicians are being caught up in these booming genres, Canada based Zimbabwean musician, Osman Gambiza has chosen not be blown by the wind.

“I play mbira. Mbira is my inspiration. It is more like my auto tune. Whenever l am writing a song l starts with the mbira then the rest of the instruments will follow. It is the backbone of this project,” said Gambiza.

Gambiza, better known as Mambo Chivero is one of few musicians that are infusing traditional sound with contemporary beat, preserving the Zimbabwean ‘flavour’.

Mambo Chivero recently released his new single, ‘Corona’.

The new music highlights struggles encountered by the majority of Zimbabweans at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The single is accompanied by a video which highlights how the privileged thrived at the expense of the poor.

“It was during the pandemic that l saw that life was hard for the poor people. I just believe that everyone deserves basic commodities without struggling. Just fairness we’re all humans,” added Mambo Chivero.

Mambo Chivero’s sound is reminiscent of legendary musician Thomas Mapfumo who coincidentally, the former has been taking notes from.

“He is my inspiration. I played with him about 4 years ago in Canada. The advice he gave me was to play music for everyone young and old. After living in the diaspora for a long time my future plans are to come back home for good and focus on music full time.

“A collaboration with Mbeu will be good and I will also collaborate with our female artists like Feli Nandi, Selma Mtukudzi, Mary Anibal, Pah Chihera,” he said.