Thousands Set To Benefit From Seedco Vaccination Initiative

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By Anna Chibamu

SEED Co Zimbabwe Limited (Seed Co) has launched an ambitious vaccination initiative which is set to benefit thousands of people as the company seeks to complement government’s efforts to contain the rampaging Covid-19 pandemic.

The programme was launched in Harare Monday.
Seed Co managing director Edworks Mhandu told the media during the launch that his company’s thrust was to ensure that every person in Zimbabwe is inoculated.
“What you are witnessing today is our CSR activity where Seed-Co purchased 11 000 doses of vaccines through CIMAS and Finance Ministry. Our objective is to answer the call from the goverment that we want our people vaccinated. Most of our workers have been vaccinated through government vaccine programme but we are now coming to the community to have these communities vaccinated,” Mhandu said.
The vaccination programme is being led by CIMAS in conjunction with Health ministry.
In an interview with journalists on the same occasion,  Seed Co corporate communications manager Marjorie Mutemererwa said the programme would run for four days till Thursday this week whilst at least 500 people would receive their first dose of the vaccine each day.
According to Mutemererwa, the initiative will greatly help those who cannot afford to travel distances for vaccination.
“We are happy with the high turnout as you can see by the number of people who are here for vaccination. We are ensuring that all our communities we operate in are safe as we make sure lives are saved,” she highlighted.
Beneficiaries of the initiative who spoke to welcomed the programme.
“We are happy with this programme. At least we know that once you are vaccinated, the disease will not result in severe illness or even death. We do not even listen to gossip where we are told that we will die in two years time,” said one woman who was in the queue.
Finance Ministry on Sunday reported that government had used its USD100 million which was set aside to buy Covid-19 vaccines from China.
A total of 12 million doses of vaccines were fully paid for as 5,5 million doses have already been received by government.