Thousands unfollow Holy Ten, chide him for being childish 

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By Reason Razao

CONTROVERSIAL hip hop artist Holy Ten real name Mukudzeyi Chitsama has lost over four thousand followers in less than 24 hours.

Following his outburst on The Episode, where he took a swipe at Winky D, Ten in a now deleted tweet said he was being attacked by the gaffer’s followers.

Ten raised a storm when he said Winky D for allegedly deceived him to feature on the track ‘Ibotso’ off the Eureka Eureka album.

Social media did not hold back in chiding Holy Ten with Twitter users calling for #DeleteHisMusic while some were posting pictures after unfollowing his user handles.

On his Instagram handle, Ten had lost more than 4 000 followers who were lashing out at him for his misdemeanor.

The outspoken hip hop artist referred to Winky D as a ‘snake’ while answering a question on whether he was ‘set up’ by the ninja president.

Ten went a step further in his explanation evoking scriptures and insinuating that like the biblical character Eve, he too was manipulated into a collaboration.

“It can’t have been a set up, because at the end of the day even the snake, I am going to tell you the man you are talking about is a snake longer than his dreadlocks,” said Holy Ten.

“Even the serpent did not force that apple on Eve, that became a global disaster, she was partly involved. He spoke and she made a decision,” he added.

Some socialites and public figures did not shy to mock and reprimand Ten.

Matebeleland rapper, Asaph, also took a jibe at Ten saying he was concerned about Ten.

“I’m genuinely worried about Eve,” Asaph said on Twitter.

Journalist Hopewell Chin’ono said Holy Ten should be grateful for featuring Winky D.

“My brother Holly, stop player hating. Winky D has been doing this music thing for decades, so you might learn something from engaging with him without dissing him,” Chin’ono said.

“Winky D is bigger, that is why everyone was happy to see him give you an opportunity to duet. Show some respect”.

Social commentator, Taona Knight Shadaya commented on the whole debacle saying at times silence speaks volume.

“A wise man once said nothing,” said Shadaya.