Tinashe Mugabe Accused Of ‘Stealing’ Madam Boss TV Show

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By Paidashe Mandivengerei 

GLOBAL DNA Zimbabwe principal consultant and The Closure DNA television show host, Tinashe Mugabe has been accused of stealing the popular show’s concept by filmmaker, Tanaka Dube.

The Closure DNA reality show which exposes cases of infidelity between couples through paternity results has become very popular among Zimbabweans.

However, the show was stopped last month after the Medical Laboratory and Clinical Scientists Council of Zimbabwe (MLCSCZ) said Mugabe’s popular, but controversial DNA, was not allowed to publicly issue paternity tests.

In a Facebook post, Dube claimed he approached Mugabe with a proposal for his reality show concept titled ‘Baba Ndiani’ which he created together with Nomagee Sibanda, Rumbidzai Chihera Mambokadzi, and one Munya hosted by comedienne Madam Boss.

Dube added that in the pre-production stages of Baba Ndiani he realised Mugabe had already premiered his The Closure DNA show.

He said; “Tinashe Mugabe stole our DNA paternity show Baba Ndiani months after we approached him for a collaboration.

“Madam Boss was supposed to host the show, we even had a meeting with her at Rainbow Towers pertaining to the show, the show was created by Rumbidzai Chihera Mambokadzi, myself, Nomagee Sibanda, and Munya.

“We were still working on the show when we found  out that Tinashe was already doing it without us yet we had discussed it with him.”

He added that efforts to discuss the matter with Mugabe had been in vain as he kept delaying scheduled meetings.

“Recently we tried having a meeting with him and he kept on postponing and surely it’s not good that one person capitalises on other people’s idea, he could’ve at least told us before producing the show.”

Responding to Dube, Madam Boss acknowledged the existence of the Baba Ndiani concept.

“I remember maive nemapurisa team yematherapist and also accommodation for vanenge vanzi chibva pano nemwana wako. You had huge plans.”