Tip-Off Saves ‘Married’ Girl (14) From Further Sexual Abuse

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By Matabeleland North Correspondent

VICTORIA FALLS: An anonymous tip-off to the police here led to the rescue of a 14-year-old girl who found herself cohabitating with her 19-year-old boyfriend after being chased away from home by her uncle.

The family lives in Jambezi, just outside the resort city.

The girl, whose identity cannot be revealed, had since dropped out of a local school where she was supposed to be in Form Two.

Although she was not pregnant, the girl had been living with Pride Nkomazana of Makala Village 5 in Jambezi as wife and husband since February.

This was after her uncle had chased her away from home for allegedly cooking some relish which he disliked.

The girl went on to seek shelter at her boyfriend Nkomazana’s place of residence since she had nowhere else to go.

The lovers then had sexual intercourse on numerous occasions.

Nkomazana’s family also welcomed the girl when she arrived after being chased away by her guardian.

A concerned community member tipped-off the police who later arrested Nkomazana for having sexual intercourse with a minor.

Nkomazana pleaded guilty to the charge before Victoria Falls magistrate Linda Dzvene who sentenced him to 15 months in jail.

However, three months were suspended for five years while the other 12 were also suspended on condition that Nkomazana performed 410 hours of community service at Kanyambizi Clinic.

Prosecutor Asher Chindedza said Nkomazana proposed love to the girl sometime in April last year and she accepted

“On the 12th day of February 2021, the girl was chased away from home by her uncle after cooking relish he did not like and she went to Nkomazana’s homestead and stayed with him after seeking permission from his parents,” said the prosecutor.

Chindedza said the two had sex on 13 February and on numerous other occasions thereafter as they stayed as husband and wife.

Police later got a tip-off leading to Nkomazana’s arrest.