TM Pick n Pay pressed to publicly sanction abusive manager or face boycott

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By Staff Reporter

RETAIL giant, TM Pick n Pay has been put on notice to publicly sanction its Westgate Branch male employee believed to be a manager, who was last Wednesday captured on video physically abusing a female worker.

Social media was abuzz last weekend with calls for the retail chain to take public action against the suspected manager, failure of which citizens will be urged to boycott shopping in Pick n Pay shops.

Award-winning filmmaker and journalist, Hopewell Chino’no is leading the crusade to put pressure on the supermarket giant to dismiss the manipulative employee.

“This video of a TM Pick n Pay Zimbabwe manager physically abusing a female employee is a reflection of the abuse women are subjected to at work by abusive men.

“Unless Pick n Pay addresses this issue publicly, ALL right thinking citizens should boycott buying from their supermarkets,” said Chino’no.

The viral video was shot by an alert shopper, who later posted it on Twitter and other social media platforms.

In the short clip, the suspected boss is seen clutching the helpless female employee’s wrist while she pleaded with him to let her go.

“You are hurting me,” she is heard saying with her facial expression confirming she was in excruciating pain.

He seems to take no heed as he firmly presses harder as the victim continues begging for mercy.

It could not be immediately established what triggered the nasty scene.

Wrote the shopper, “Witnessed this abuse of an employee by the manager in Pick n Pay Westgate yesterday. Where do I post this so justice is done? …he thought l was texting, but I recorded most of this.”