Tocky Vibes Binga song banned

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By Paidashe Mandivengerei

THE Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ), has moved to ban popular ZimDancehall crooner, Tocky Vibes’ recently released song ‘African Queen (Binga)’ from the airwaves citing the track’s lyrical content.

In a statement BAZ said it had received a complaint over the song’s offensive lyrics. The song is part of Tocky’s latest album ‘Villager’s Money Volume 1’ and is considered inappropriate for airplay by the regulatory board.

BAZ announced the ban in a letter to all radio stations.

“We advise that we have received a complaint about the song ‘African Queen’ by Tocky Vibes.

“The complainant has indicated that they find some parts of the lyrics of the song offensive as they appear to denigrate the people of Binga,” the letter reads in part.

BAZ went onto quote the lyrics deemed offensive.

“Ukaenda Binga vanhu vanenge vakashama, ukagara Binga uchange wakashama (if you visit Binga you will see naked people, if you stay in Binga you will be naked).”

Tocky Vibes, real name Obey Makamure however said he found the ban surprising, insisting he had been inspired by musician, Jah Prayzah’s work and did not intend to insult anyone’s character.

“This song actually praises women, it celebrates African women. My inspiration for the song and video came from Jah Prayzah’s song in which he showcases the culture of the people of Binga.

“I said to myself, these are the people that still represent Africa,” the singer said.

“They may not walk around like that today but that is their culture, we should be having problems with people that celebrate clothes because clothes were not part of our culture. We never used to put on any clothes.”

Fans of the ‘Mhai’ hitmaker lashed out at the board, arguing that other ‘inappropriate’ songs were getting airplay.