Toddler’s electrocution earns man four year jail term

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By Mary Taruvinga

A reckless man from Norton has been jailed for four years after he was found guilty of illegally connecting electricity cables which he left uncovered at home leading to the death of a 21 month-old infant through electrocution.

This is after the man, Wilbert Ndiyamba (35), went through trial by Harare magistrate Jessie Kufa.

Court was told that Ndiyambo on August 21, 2015, illegally fitted electricity from his cabin to a borehole inside the yard.

The infant touched the cables while playing outside and later died on admission at Norton Hospital.

“The accused person violated the deceased child’s right to life and the courts must be seen to protect minors from such incidences,” ruled Kufa.

She added, “The accused person decided to use his back knowledge and made an illegal extension. He failed to guard the hazardous situation that he had created.

“In this country, authorities such as Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) are the only ones mandated to connect electrical apparatus.

“The accused was well aware that what he was doing was wrong and that electricity is hazardous but he chose to ignore that. A custodial sentence is therefore appropriate.”

Ndiyamba was charged under the Electricity Act.