Tony Blair could have invaded who?

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ALL the devious and dishonest denials and the deceitful negation from the architects of the flagitious sanctions and invasion plots, with their local collaborators deceiving the nation into believing these were travel bans, restrictive measures and genuine engagements. Some called the sanctions a myth and a make-believe story forged by Zanu PF. The conniving, the concoction and the cunningness of the duplicitous designers of the sanctions and their local partners, some dubiously dubbed them prohibitive measures against the regime.
All the malevolent protagonists denied their existence, the US vehemently denied, the EU washed their hands and the local opposition uxoriously laughed off the sanctions as mere restrictions on the ‘oppressive regime’. We were fooled into believing these were mere visa bans on President Mugabe and his ‘cronies’, to prohibit them from travelling to Europe and America. The local opposition in Zimbabwe was disingenuously boisterous, artlessly dismissive and naively opinionated about the existence of economic sanctions against Zimbabwe.
The dogmatically goofy Tendai Biti used to front these crooked disclaimers. They brushed off Zanu PF’s incessant cries of the ravaging effects of the mercilessly criminal sanctions. None of the architects of the sanctions was morally upright or honourable. Those who callously crafted the illegal sanctions blocked their ears, covered their eyes and filled their western-funded bellies to the nation’s sanction-induced poverty-stricken commotion.
The sanctions were and are still as real as life itself, an austere life inflicted on an innocent nation and its people by a counterfeit local opposition which spuriously claimed to be brokers of democracy and liberators of the people. The small print is what legitimised these deceitful designs and muddled the whole nation. The documents are written in such a way as to mesmerise, to suffocate and armed the credulous local opposition with immoral means for national onslaught and destruction.
As Chester Crocker beautifully and chillingly put it, “In order to separate people from Zanu-PF we must make their economy scream and I hope you senators have the stomach for what we about to do”. The US former Secretary for African Affairs and this statement he made in his testimony to the US Senate hearing in 2003. And he was right; boy oh boy did the Zimbabwean economy scream! However it was the sanction-busting Zimbabwean spirit that triumphed over the adversity, that resilience that lifted the amazing people of Zimbabwe from the depth of despair to the summit of hope. The sanctions failed to break that Zimbabwean spirit, the western handlers and those they handheld failed in their sinister quest to break that Zimbabwean spirit. The only other option was a callous plot to invade Zimbabwe which was entertained by the naïve ones; the Tony Blair project and Thabo Mbeki has an honorary place at the Heroes Acres!Advertisement

In the eyes of those resolved on subverting national sovereignty, those with peculiar concerns on Zimbabwe in the time period and socio-political climate, re-colonisation was served with cheap wine for the local opposition. There is no doubt that democracy is one of the best things to ever happen to mankind. However it is just too vague a term if misunderstood, misinterpreted or misrepresented deliberately or naively. Deliberately misinterpreted and misrepresented by those with a delitescent inducement and genuinely misunderstood by some who were founded and funded by those who deliberately misinterpreted the process as a means to their own end.
Yes I have said it! It is very easy to fabricate and contrive allegations of human rights violations, lack of rule of law and civil liberties. The fabrication as a means to an end, the deceitful forgery as justification to disparage Zanu PF, the devious concoction as an excuse to intervene militarily and the contriving as a blueprint for sanctions; Uncle Tony to the rescue! It is Zanu PF’s contumacious attitude to the neoliberal ethos that is the sole reason for the economic and political sabotage that befell Zimbabwe and the MDC’s dutiful embrace of the same is the reason for the continuation of the sabotage. The Tony Blair project!  Political and economic warfare is used as a means of subverting a nation. There is no way of correcting this crude political caricature.
The journey towards political legendary is not a haphazardly and hastily walked one. It entails having a cause, a just cause, a dedication and commitment to national course and national cause, an unshakeable belief in the cause. No lubricant required to make hasty the process; it does not require one to inflict sanctions and stealth bombers against own people to hasten their peregrination towards political glory. Even Uncle Tony’s invasion would not do it! A genuine cause not one manufactured for own selfish self-serving ends, for the purposes of illegal regime change. The destitution and economic hardship that has been inflicted upon us is the price we might have to pay to safeguard our political and economic independence. We might have to develop even higher-tolerance thresholds in the face of the distress and privation induced by these specific economic sanctions and future threats of Tony-inspired invasion plots.
Bernard Bwoni (Disappointed citizen).