Top Dembare fan Freddy ‘Pasuwa’ Mugadza finally buried 7 months after death

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By Costa Nkomo 

STAUNCH Dynamos Football Club fan Freddy Mugadza was finally laid to rest at Harare’s Glen Forest cemetery Tuesday, seven months after his death in the United States of America.

Mugadza, affectionately known as Pasuwa after the former Dembare gaffer, died on April 11, 2020 after a heart attack.

He was 42.

Following his death, Mugadza’s family could not immediately repatriate his body due to the Covid-19 induced foreign travel restrictions.

During the burial, Mugadza’s brother, Godfrey gave an emotional account on the troubles the family went through in their efforts to bring his body home.

“We nearly gave up on bringing him back home,” Godfrey told mourners in Kuwadzana during a funeral service held some few hours before burial.

“We kept faith that one day we will manage to bring him back home. It was not easy for us.

“When he passed on in April, we were seized with planning on how we could bring his body back home. While in the midst of that planning, we lost our brother Philip.

“Just like today, you all came and supported us.

“As we were engaging with all relevant authorities in the US to try and bring Freddy back home, we were told Covid-19 had affected foreign travels and there was nothing they could do to help us.

“We kept on knocking and knocking until last week when were told that finally he was heading home.”

Godfrey extended some gratitude to his own colleagues in the United Kingdom who helped him during his time of grief since April and how they also supported him to bury his other brother Philip.

“I thank all my colleagues in the United Kingdom who have come forward to help me with all that I needed. I have not managed to work well since April as I was going up and down including being quarantined more than twice.

“They have bought my flight tickets and supported me with other things that I needed to travel home.”

Freddy’s daughter, Tanyaradzwa, said she had hoped to have an opportunity to meet her father alive and have a little chat with him unknowing she would meet her parent in a casket.

“You only start to understand the purpose and significance of having your parent when he is no more. I have had some misunderstanding with him, but he remained my dad.”

Due to Covid-19 health guidelines, a handful of staunch Dynamos fans attended the burial of their late colleague.

Among some recognisable faces that attended the burial were Dynamos and Zimbabwe national team legend Moses Chunga.

During the burial, speaker after speaker spoke glowingly about how the Dembare devotee had sacrificed time to support the football giants.

Family members also confirmed they missed the greater part of Freddy’s life as his passion for football outweighed his family ties.