Top Doctor In Court For Sexual Assault

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By Mary Taruvinga

A PROMINENT Harare medical doctor Tinovimba Mhlanga (36) was Monday brought before a Harare magistrate facing aggravated indecent assault charges after he allegedly inserted his fingers into the private parts of a female ovary donor.

Mhlanga, employed by the popular Ivitira Fertilisation Zimbabwe clinic, appeared before Magistrate Dennis Mangosi who remanded him out of custody on free bail.

He will be back in court on July 28, 2021, for trial.

The court heard the female client intended to donate her egg to a local couple.

According to court papers, the incident occurred on March 14, 2021.

It is alleged the complainant went to Mhlanga’s workplace in Belvedere, Harare for a medical examination since she wanted to donate her egg to an unnamed couple.

The state alleges Mhlanga conducted an HIV test on the complainant before he ordered her to proceed to the examination room while he remained in his office.

It is alleged while in the examination room the complainant removed all her clothes and put on a hospital gown before lying on the bed.

Mhlanga allegedly ordered the complainant to remove the gown and she opened her legs for him to conduct an internal scan.

“Accused person then entered the examination room and once again instructed the complainant to open her legs in a butterfly position for him to conduct the examination. The accused then inserted his two right-hand fingers into the complainant’s vagina whilst the other hand was pressing her abdomen,” reads court papers.

The State alleges the accused person repeatedly inserted his two fingers into the complainant’s privates and smeared the discharge on her.

It is alleged the accused person instructed the complainant to step down from the bed and bend while he inserted his two fingers from behind causing her pain.

The court also heard that Mhlanga was pressing himself hard against the complainant.

“Accused further instructed the complainant to step down from the bed and advised her to bend. Accused again inserted his two fingers into complainant’s vagina from behind several times whilst pressing himself on to complainant, “said prosecutors.

The complainant then inquired from Mhlanga what was the purpose of such an examination had to do with egg harvesting, but he told her that he wanted to see if her discharge had no infection.

It is alleged the accused person removed the complainant’s bra and started fondling her breasts saying he was doing a breast examination.

The following day, the complainant visited Sally Mugabe Hospital also in Harare where she was examined before narrating her ordeal to a counsellor.

The complainant then reported the matter to the police after consulting her employer leading to Mhlanga’s arrest.