Topics for Microsoft AZ-303 Exam Preparation That You Can Master with Practice Tests

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IT giants like Microsoft set realistic goals that candidates for certifications should reach. Commonly, these goals are in the form of topics which they have to study. At the end of the day, applicants will be tested on the stipulated objectives to check the extent of their knowledge. So, this post specifies various domains given for the Microsoft AZ-303 assessment. ExamCollection Be ready to study them so that you can prove the depth of your knowledge. But before diving into the AZ-303 domains, let’s get to know more facts about this assessment and its associated credential.

Brief Outline of AZ-303

Well, if you want to obtain the Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification, then you need to go through passing two assessments. AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator Exams Understandably, the Microsoft AZ-303 is the first step in getting that badge. If you succeed in this exam, then you can proceed to do the second test, coded AZ-304. If you are interested to know the peculiarities of AZ-303, we have to say that this accreditation will have 40-60 tasks that you will need to complete in 180 minutes. Also, paying $165 is essential to be eligible for the AZ-303 registration process. Click here to Learn More But what are those intimidating topics that this Microsoft test assesses?

Objectives for Microsoft AZ-303 Exam Preparation

The Microsoft AZ-303 exam has subject matters that you should concern yourself with during your exam preparation. MD-100 Windows 10 Questions – Exam Labs And if you are eager to know them, here they go:

  • Utilizing and monitoring Azure infrastructure

This section makes a greater part of AZ-303 as it will produce 50-55% of all the exam questions. It involves sub-topics like implementing infrastructure monitoring for the cloud, deploying storage accounts, and VMs designed for Linux and Windows. You’ll also have to learn about the process for automating resources for deployment as well as configuration, using virtual storage & Active Directory for Azure, and administering & maintaining hybrid identities.

  • Providing management as well as security solutions

Test AZ-303 also expects you to know how to give solutions for management as well as security. ExamLabs Web Site These assessment areas to develop with practice tests include managing Azure workloads and making use of load balancing as well as network security. Candidates must also demonstrate the extent of their skills and knowledge of providing solutions for Azure governance and managing application security.

  • Implementing apps solutions

If you’d like to prepare well for your AZ-303 assessment, your know-how in deploying apps solutions must be top-notch. The sub-topics to help you with this include dealing with infrastructure and container-based apps.

  • Monitoring data platforms

Data platforms are other technologies that AZ-303 will examine. In this field, candidates should corroborate their skills in utilizing NoSQL databases as well as databases for Azure SQL.


The topics for the Microsoft AZ-303 test are created so that you can develop your competencies in them. And your ability to manage this exam will depend on how often you take advantage of practice tests. AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Training Course – ExamLabs Make it your habit to use them regularly so that you can easily retain what you learn. Then acing AZ-303 alongside AZ-304 will be a piece of cake for you!