Tormented Zanu PF supporters dump risky ED regalia

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By Mashonaland East Correspondent

Seke: Zanu PF supporters here claim they have stopped wearing party regalia with President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s face fearing victimisation by opposition supporters angered by the deteriorating economic situation in the country as well as alleged poll fraud by the incumbent.

Speaking at a party rally in Dema recently, the supporters told local MP, Munyaradzi Kashambe that they were living in fear as they were being harassed by MDC activists every time they put on Zanu PF regalia, especially T-shirts with the President’s face on them.

“We are mocked and harassed by MDC members every time we put on our party regalia, especially T-shirts with the face of Cde Mnangagwa and this has forced most of us to stop wearing them,” a Zanu PF male supporter told Kashambe at the rally.

Zanu PF and its presidential candidate, Mnangagwa, won last July’s elections under controversial circumstances.

MDC has refused to recognise Mnangagwa as the country’s legitimately elected leader.

Anger towards the Zanu PF leader has increased as the country’s economy continues to take a nosedive, leaving the majority hardly able to afford even the most basic of lives.

Meanwhile, in his response, Kashambe told party supporters to report the alleged harassment to the police.

“I heard here that some MDC supporters are busy bullying you for wearing Zanu PF regalia.

“I urge you not to give in to those threats as we will never be told what to do by people who lost both in the ballot and in the courts,” he said.

Chamisa challenged Mnangagwa’s win at the Constitutional Court but the matter was dismissed with costs.

“Anyone who intimidates and bullies you around must be aware that the full wrath of the law will be applied.

“Let me urge you to remain peaceful even if they mock you. Do not be forced to change by people who lost, rather guard the party jealously. Our party regalia is a symbol that we are truly Zanu PF,” Kashambe said.

Addressing the same rally, Zanu PF Mashonaland East youth chairperson, Kelvin Mutsvairo said it was time party youths were on their guard as anti-government elements were trying to capitalise on the harsh economic situation in Zimbabwe to cause anarchy.

“Our country is facing serious economic challenges, but have you ever thought how our fathers suffered during the liberation struggle of Zimbabwe until we gained independence. This is the same situation that we are in.

“We must be united; the enemy will not rest until the party is divided. So let us not rest as we fight hard to keep the party intact,” said Mutsvairo.