Tragedy as Chegutu Council employee is buried in sewer system

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By Staff Reporter

A CHEGUTU Council employee died Friday after he was buried under an avalanche of soil in sewer trenches.

Lovemore Prince Chingeni was among workmates carrying out a council task of replacing an old sewer system in the town.

Chegutu Mayor Henri Muchatibaya told the tragedy occurred as council employees were replacing old sewer lines in this town.

“The now deceased lost his life during the course of duty,” Muchabaya said.

“We are deeply saddened and heartbroken to have lost one of our dedicated employees in such circumstances.

“He had been in the trenches which had been dug out by a JCB. As soon as he was there, some loose soil fell back and buried him.”

Rescue efforts could not save the now deceased as he died on the spot.

“Council employees together with some army servicemen who were on patrol, helped to retrieve him. However, it was a little too late to save his life,” said the mayor.

Muchatibaya said his council lost one of the most dedicated employees during the course of duty.

The small Mashonaland West farming town has one of the poorest sanitation systems in the country, which also includes poor drainage.