Travellers Opt For Illegal Border Entry Points To Evade Covid-19 Tests

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By Staff Reporter

SOME Zimbabweans living in neighbouring South Africa are using illegal routes to enter Zimbabwe for the festive holidays to avoid paying the exorbitant charges for Covid-19 tests.

Zimbabwe and South Africa require that travellers entering or exiting the countries should have Covid-19 travel clearance certificates.

However, one needs to fork out at least US$60 for a Covid-19 test, an amount which is out of reach for most Zimbabweans who are staying in South Africa, but want to travel home for the festive season.

As a result, they have opted to use illegal entry points into the country to reunite with their families during the festive period.

But there are chances they could be exposing other travellers and relatives back home to Covid-19 as they are not tested.

Police have also intensified their patrols along the Beitbridge border post and arrested a lot of Zimbabweans entering the country illegally.

“Police in Beitbridge arrested a group of 40 cross borders who were trying to illegally gain entry into the country from South Africa through undesignated points. Members of the public are warned against entering/exiting the country through illegal point,” the police said in a statement Saturday.

Meanwhile, activity has increased at the Beitbridge Border Post as Zimbabweans based in South Africa start trickling in for the festive holidays under strict Covid-19 guidelines.

Travellers have to produce a Covid-19 clearance certificate with a validity not exceeding two days.