Treason accused MP says dashed to Mudenda for protection from ‘weird’ detectives

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By Mary Taruvinga

MDC Harare West MP Joanah Mamombe (25) on Saturday dashed to the Speaker of Parliament Jacob Mudenda pleading for his protection when half a dozen “weird” men and a woman accosted and seized her from a Nyanga hotel where she had gone on parliamentary business.

She revealed her ordeal when she appeared Monday before Harare magistrate Rumbidzai Mugwagwa facing subversion charges.

Through her lawyer Obey Shava, she complained about her arrest and detention saying they were done unlawfully.

Shava also argued that his client should be released immediately since the 48 hour detention period stipulated by the law had lapsed.

Mamombe had not yet been placed on remand by mid-day on Monday.

She personally took to the stand where she narrated the torment she went through until the day she was brought to court.

Mamombe said her mother was the first to be tormented five days prior to her arrest.

“We went to Nyanga on Sunday the 24th of February. We held an induction workshop the following day at Montclair Hotel and my mother called me between 10 and 11pm saying she was in trouble.

“She said six men had entered her house looking for me and did not identify themselves. She then hung up and I think she was in trouble,” she said.

Mamombe said she later managed to talk to one of them and revealed she was in Nyanga on parliament business.

After that, she said she was arrested last Saturday by some “weird” officers who refused to identify themselves.

“I asked to see their IDs but they refused.

“I refused to go with them without notifying the Speaker of Parliament but they refused.

“I was so scared, there were six men and one woman. While we were by the (hotel) reception, I saw the Speaker of Parliament and I ran to him and told him I was in trouble,” she said.

At that point, they identified themselves as detectives who had come to arrest her.

Mamombe said they drove her to Harare without making any conversation during the entire journey.

Shava said the way the events unfolded were strange.

“Six strange men and one female arrest a 25-year-old lady, although an MP, without identifying themselves.

“That requirement can never be over emphasised and after failing to identify themselves, they take her into their vehicle where they were just quiet all the way from Nyanga to Harare,” he said.

A ruling on Mamombe’s remand status was still to be made in court Monday noon.