Trevor Noah’s life lessons on love, money, taking risks

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TREVOR opened up to Anele Mdoda on her talk show – from the Daily Show studios in New York – and lessons about life and love emerged.
On what he credits for his success, he said: “I can say what got me where I am today was taking a chance and doing what I loved. I think too many people focus on doing what they think is successful versus doing what they love.
“(If you were to ask) ‘why do you want money’, (they’d say) ‘so I can enjoy my life’.
“What if you could enjoy your life doing what you love? If your job was something you loved, you don’t need as much money as you think you do.”
Anele responds: “Money gives you choices, though”.
Noah agrees, but adds: “The one thing no one talks about with getting money
“When you’ve been poor and you get money: the the fear of losing it. So whenever someone says ‘Come do something for money’, you go, ‘I have to do it’.
Does Trevor have that complex?
“Yeah. All the time,” he admit, adding that he discovered it was a complex he had in common with US actor Will Smith
“So for me it was always just doing what I loved.”
Noah decided early on in his career, when he “took a chance” while working at youth-focused radio station YFM.
“At the time, they were revamping everything.. young people were coming in and there was a chance that I was going to be one
of the new young people who was going to take over and I had a chance at a good future in radio.
Then he reached a crossroads in his life that required a leap of faith:go and work for one week in comedy or stay in his stable, promising radio job for another year.
“Everyone thought I was crazy.” But the huge risk paid off for him in the end.
Anele then posed a question from a viewer about what Noah misses and took for granted about South Africa.
”Everything that didn’t go as I planned made me what I am today and then everything that went well is why I’m here,” he says.
”The thing I took for granted when I was in SA was the potential to grow. A lot of the time people preach about how South Africa’s crashing and how it’s burning and it’s turning into Zimbabwe…
“One thing we possess in the country if we are willing to pursue it is the ability to grow there’s untapped opportunities.”Advertisement

Another probing question from a viewer: What are you like when you are in love?
“I realised that if I love myself and I have friends that love me and family that loves me I exist in a constant state of love.”
Is he currently in love?
“Yes, I’m very much in love.
“I’m very happy and I work on being happy. That’s the thing I learned – happiness is a choice. Happiness is hard work. Happiness is something you choose to be.”
“What you don’t realise is you need to be happy now and then those things will come to you.”