Trial of Chivhu woman who killed her four children in cold blood set for Wednesday 

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By Mary Taruvinga 

THE fate of a Chivhu woman Emelda Marizanhi (31) who, in 2020 killed her four children, in cold blood following a marital dispute is drawing closer, with her trial set to begin this Wednesday.

Marizanhi is expected to appear before High Court judge, Justice Priscilla Munangati-Manongwa, answering to four murder charges.

She was arrested in November 2020 after handing herself over to the police.

Marizanhi left the nation in shock after she slit open the throats of her children in gruesome murders.

Her children with Lameck Brande were aged nine, five, three and one.

She went on to set their house on fire, burning two of the children children beyond recognition.

The other bodies of the other two children were retrieved from the house unburnt.

Marizanhi then drank poison in a suicide attempt, but was rushed to hospital after she surrendered herself to the police.

The incident happened when her husband left for work after having had a fight with her earlier that morning.

Reports said she tied her two eldest children with a rope before she knived them to death.

She then grabbed the younger ones and cut their throats, almost beheading them.


National police spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said, “The suspect, Emelda Marazani, had a marital dispute with her husband, Lameck Brande, and when the husband left for work in the morning, the suspect locked the children, aged nine, five, three and one, in the house.

“She took a rope and tied the two elder children before slitting open their throats with a knife.

“The suspect went on to kill the other two children with the knife before setting the house on fire.”

Neighbours said they saw smoke coming from the house and asked Marizanhi, who was locking her gate, what was going on but she assured them that all was well.

One Daniel Machoni said he and others then rushed to the house after they saw smoke billowing through the roof.

With other neighbours, they jumped the fence to gain entry into the premises.

By that time, Brande had arrived and broken into the locked house, only to discover that all the children had been killed.