Trial of would-be Mnangagwa ‘assassin’ deferred

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By Court Reporter

THE trial of a claimed Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) informer accused of carrying firearms to events officiated by President Emmerson Mnangagwa has started with the court hearing that he was using a fake driver’s licence.

Guthrie Chirodzero is charged with impersonation.

An official from the Central Vehicle Registry (CVR) told court that the driver’s licence used by the suspect was fake.

CVR deputy registrar of licences Dambudzo Juma told Harare magistrate that Chirodzero was never authorised to drive his entire life.

“The driver’s licence number of the document he was found in possession of belongs to someone else,” said Juma.

“CVR has one central register for all drivers in Zimbabwe and his name does not appear. There is no way one number can be allocated to two people.”

Chirodzero, in his defence, argues that he was framed and also told court that he legally acquired his driver’s licence.

The case was adjourned to July 6 for trial continuation.

Witnesses from Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) and CIO are also expected to testify.

Chirodzero who is now suffering from liver cancer landed in the dock after he reportedly carried guns to events officiated by President Mnangagwa claiming to be a member of the CIO.

Court heard he positioned himself close to the president but was noticed by a close security detail who confronted him.

The suspect was searched and was found in possession of a fake driver’s licence and a fake ZACC card which indicated that he was a director at ant-graft agency.

He was arrested on December 6 last year and has been languishing in remand prison after failing with several bail applications.

Michael Reza is prosecuting while Rumbidzai Venge is defending.