Tryson Chimbetu hits hard times

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STRUGGLING Dendera musician Tryson Chimbetu’s trouble have just gotten worse after revelations that the musician’s instruments were seized after failure to settle a debt.
The instruments were impounded after the artiste failed to pay $300 for services rendered by a local transport company to take the instrumentation to Guruve and Rushinga.
The company’s manager only identifying himself as Brian told The Herald they had seen confiscation as the best way to compel the musician to pay.
“We took his instruments after they failed to pay us. We carried the instruments to the shows without getting paid hoping they would pay after the shows.
“They failed to pay and we took the instruments,” he said.
But Chimbetu on Wednesday professed ignorance on the happenings.
“Nothing like that happened,” he said before promising he would call back as he was in a meeting.
His manager Simba Mahenga said they failed to settle the debt as the promoters who had engaged them were reneging on payment.
Although the musician said the issue would not affect his scheduled performances at the weekend.
It appears the troubles can only be a tip of an iceberg as he has for a long time been failing to put his house in order.
Just after the festive season he was deserted by some of his key band members a development that weakened his performances.
At a recent show at City Sports Bar in Harare, he performed with an inadequate set as his sub-rhythmist did not have a guitar.Advertisement