Tsitsi Tsopotsa produces book trailer to market latest book

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TSITSI Tsopotsa, a renowned writer and publisher, has become the first Zimbabwean to publish a Book Trailer, the newest range in the publishing industry which uses movie narration to tell a story.
A member of her publicity team, Mbizo Chirasha, said the book trailer was meant to market her new book, The Zebra Crossings.
“It is a video that she did to possibly be able to market her book to the global market and also make the story understandable to the reader,” Chirasha said.
He said the video would help market the book to global markets.
“It’s a digital innovative way of sharing literary arts work which can easily turn a writer into a creative/literary arts Entrepreneur,” Chirasha said of the book trailer.
He said Tsopotsa had become a force to reckon in the literary arts industry and an inspiration to many at home and abroad.
“She dives into romance, fable like stories then dives back into comedy and satire. Her most popular stories include the Diary of the USAH and The Zebra Crossings. These are all Zimbabwean stories though they may differ in time setting and even place setting,” he said.
Chirasha said Tsopotsa was now a global writer/storyteller who told the Zimbabwean story in the global arena, adding she had proved that she was a creative force by winning a prestigious award late 2016 with Black African Women Rock (BAWR), for her story Diary of the USAH.

Tsitsi Tsopotsa