Tsungi Fundira makes history South African resort town

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SOUTH Africa: New elected Rotary Hartbeespoort/Brits president, Tsungi Fundira (52), says she has found a home to give back to the community.

“At a certain age in life, you are grateful for what you have, and you want to start giving back. I am at this age, and this opportunity will be the platform to do just that.”

Tsungi is the first black woman to be elected as president of Rotary Hartbeespoort/Brits and she is extremely proud of it.

“I hope it will be an inspiration for young girls and women. Unfortunately, we tend to create barriers where there are none.”

She is looking forward to her term as president. “It is a daunting one and I feel honoured to have been elected but having been part of the team for the past five years, I am working with very experienced Rotarians as guidance,” she says.

“It is a good time for this. My career and that of my husband are settled, our three children have flown the nest all over the world, and I now have the time to do what I am passionate about – community work.”

Tsungi and her husband came to South Africa from Zimbabwe in 2010 and in 2015, the family moved to Hartbeespoort.

“I joined Rotary five years ago after the family moved to Hartbeespoort.

“The best way to know what a community is all about is to engage with community members. I am a realtor at Remax Horizon and a colleague said to me that if I am passionate about meeting people and charity work, I should consider joining Rotary.

“Rotary is big in Zimbabwe and I was interested in the good work they do but I never had time to work with them, being a working mom. Since I joined Rotary here, I am in my element. I love the work we do,” she says.


Tsungi has been very active in the ongoing clean-up project initiated by Rotary recently. “I am passionate about cleaning up our beautiful Hartbeespoort and the dam. It impacts everyone. For instance, I am a realtor and how the area looks directly impacts our sales. It is a core relationship. This clean-up is part of giving back. It will help all businesses in the area.”

Rotary is currently working to raise funds for nets to remove the salvinia weed and dead hyacinth from the dam.

“Remax Horizon has already pledged money towards these nets and I hope other realtors will follow suit. If about 10 estate agencies and businesses can give R4 000 each, we can buy a net. It will benefit all the estate agencies and tourism businesses in the area. Give and you will get back!”

Another issue Tsungi is very serious about is the empowerment of young girls and women to address women and child abuse in communities.

“There are so many women and children suffering abuse and I believe that by empowering them with self-confidence and self-respect, one can address this,” she said.

“I am very passionate about the girl child, about giving her confidence and self-respect and the belief that she can do anything she wants. I am hoping that I can serve as an example and show our young women what is possible if you set your mind to it.”

And doing good is the first step.

“I firmly believe if something is good, no one can lay their hands on it. Good always triumphs, you cannot put a good thing down!”