Chamisa: Tsvangirai was betrayed by Mnangagwa over transitional authority

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By Staff Reporter

FORMER Prime Minister and the late opposition founding leader Morgan Tsvangirai, was betrayed by President Emmerson Mnangagwa after being promised a transitional authority ahead of elections, his successor Nelson Chamisa said Saturday.

Chamisa was addressing thousands of party supporters at Tsvangirai’s memorial held at the late trade unionist’s rural home in Buhera, Manicaland.

“Tsvangirai was promised a transitional authority by Zanu PF. I asked if he was sure about Mnangagwa’s sincerity. He (Tsvangirai) said let us give them time.

“The fact is that Tsvangirai was betrayed on the agenda of a transitional authority that would have guaranteed this country a clean and undisputed election,” said Chamisa.

In the tumultuous events that preceded the removal of former President Robert Mugabe in November 2017, Tsvangirai supported the military coup as well as the demonstrations that were followed by Mnangagwa’s return from exile and his subsequent rise to power.

The MDC also supported Mugabe’s impeachment that was however, halted after the then Zanu PF leader resigned just before Parliament debated his removal.

Chamisa told cheering supporters that he had no intention of taking power by unconstitutional means but would force Mnangagwa to the negotiating table.

“We have no aim of removing this government by force. For this country to move forward, there has to be dialogue between the MDC and Zanu PF.

“There has to be dialogue between Mnangagwa and me. Anything else they are doing with these other people if child’s play,” the MDC leader said making reference to a dialogue platform initiated by Mnangagwa that includes all candidates to last year’s presidential election.

Chamisa has rejected Mnangagwa’s invite prompting the Zanu PF leader to liken him to the Biblical Satan’s revolt in Heaven.

In the aftermath of the elections, Chamisa argued he had been robbed of victory through rigging and approached the Constitutional Court in a bid to overturn Mnangagwa’s win.

However, his petition was thrown out for lack of merit and confirmed Mnangagwa as duly elected leader of Zimbabwe.

But Chamisa insists Mnangagwa was never legitimately elected instead was installed by the Apex Court.

“We have the numbers. Nobody voted for Mnangagwa, its known. He was installed by the Constitutional Court, not by the people and we have to deal with this problem.

“The reforms that Tsvangirai fought for is what we want but also what the people voted for must be respected. We must be allowed to govern as the people decided,” he said.

“Then the country can move forward with a legitimate people’s government.”

With the MDC set to hold its first elective congress after Tsvangirai’s death last year, Chamisa who has already been confirmed as substantive leader without contest said he will consult with regional leaders to find a solution to Zimbabwe’s political logjam.

“We will drag Mnangagwa to dialogue kicking and screaming,” said Chamisa.