Turkish government to build schools in Zimbabwe

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By Staff Reporter            

TURKEY has approached President Emmerson Mnangagwa with a proposal to construct primary and secondary schools in Zimbabwe through the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA).

The development was confirmed by Turkish Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Hakan Kivanc revealed on the side-lines of a weekend function where TIKA was donating foodstuffs to Hopley residents in Harare

Ambassador Kivanc told that Turkish President, Tayyip Erdogan had sent a special envoy, Hassan Yavuz to President Mnangagwa with the proposal.

“You spoke about education; and that is why the special representative of the president is here. He came to propose our project to build Turkish schools here,” said the envoy.

“It is going to cover all sections of the Zimbabwean society; it is not targeting a single population. We are going to try hard to assist our future generation regardless of their religion.”

Ambassador Kivanc said there was no specific budget allocation for the project, adding that the funding would depend on the number of schools that would be built.

“It’s not a monetary budget, it’s the allocation of land and building the schools, and then we are going to build the whole school and facilities such as libraries, social installations, sports, laboratories, starting from kindergarten to pre-school, primary school, secondary.

“The successful ones we will give them bursaries to continue. We have talked to the president to request for the land.”

The schools would offer the Zimbabwean school curriculum and would charge nominal fees to ensure that the marginalized and underprivileged members of society would also have access.

“The more it pays for itself, the more we expand it to the people. It is a joint school with the Zimbabwe authorities, Zimbabwe curriculum will be used.

“This is just the small thing that we can do. We have seen the minister of education and they were so happy to hear this,” said the ambassador.

Meanwhile, TIKA, in conjunction with the Islamic Information Bureau of Norton, distributed grocery hampers to more than 500 underprivileged families in Hopley.

The hamper included basics such as cooking oil, rice, sugar, flower, and roller meal and bath soap among other goodies.