Two Teenage Bulawayo Imbibers Assault Colleague To Death

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By Bulawayo Correspondent

POLICE in Bulawayo have arrested two teenagers for allegedly murdering an Umguza man.

Vusumuzi Moyo (17) and Nqabutho Moyo (18) were arrested for allegedly murdering Jabulani Nyathi (39) in Umguza.

According to Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube, on 8 September 2020 at about 1800 hours Vusumuzi and Nqabutho and the now-deceased left their place of residence and went to Khami prison complex canteen in the company of their male friend who is a prison officer.

“The four drank beer until the canteen closed at around 2200 hours and they went to their friend’s house where they continued drinking beer until 0010 hours on 9 September 2020. On the same day at around 0030 hours, Vusumuzi, Nqabutho and the deceased left their friend’s home going to their place of residence,” Ncube.

However, while on their way home, a misunderstanding arose over an undisclosed issue which resulted in Nqabutho and Vusumuzi taking turns to assault the deceased with open hands and a sjambok several times all over the body.

“The assault took place during different intervals along the way in a bushy area between Khami Prison complex and Richard Farm in Umguza. The now-deceased collapsed when they were about one kilometre from their place of residence. The accused persons left the now deceased lying on the side of the road,” said Ncube.

At about 0800 hours, Nqabutho went back to where they had left the deceased lying and found him dead.

Nqabutho then went back home and informed a neighbour.

“The neighbour raised alarm to other and teamed up with other villagers, and apprehended Vusumuzi who was still sleeping in his room. Vusumuzi told the villagers that they had assaulted Jabulani Nyathi together with Nqabutho,” said Ncube.

A report was made at Pumula police station leading to the arrest of the accused.