‘Two finalists of last World Cup were beaten by Zimbabwe and Ireland’: Sikandar Raza urges ICC to include more associate nations in series against major teams

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By Agencies

The story of Zimbabwe cricket has been excellent this year, and Sikandar Raza has certainly played a big part in it with both bat and the ball. He recently gave an interview where he talked about the importance of giving chances to associate nations in order to increase competition.

Zimbabwe first sealed their qualification in the T20 World Cup this year, where they played way above expectations and qualified for the Sper-12 stage of the tournament. Even in the Super-12 stage, they stunned everyone by earning a terrific win over Pakistan in Perth.

Raza was brilliant in the tournament, and he was named in ICC’s most valuable team of the tournament as well. Raza scored 219 runs in the tournament with the help of a half-century, whereas he scalped 10 wickets with the ball as well.

In an interview with RevSports, Sikandar Raza was interviewed by Subhayan Chakraborty. Raza was asked whether ICC should organize multi-nation tournaments including both major and associate nations so that the quality of the teams gets increased.

Raza highlighted that the final of the last T20 World Cup was played between England and Pakistan, who lost to Ireland and Zimbabwe, respectively in the tournament. He said that these performances prove the quality of the lower nations.

“All I would say is that the two finalists of the last WC were beaten by Ireland & Zimbabwe, & that tells you the strength of some of the so-called lower nations,” Sikandar Raza said on RevSports talking to Subhayan Chakraborty.

Raza went on to say that there is a lot of space between the standards of associate nations and the major ones, and to bring that gap close, more matches should be organized between both. He insists that the quality of franchise cricket is increasing because players all around the globe take part in it.