Two killed in Sudan protests over new governor

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At least two people were killed when a protest march turned violent in Sudan’s Kassala state over the appointment of a new governor.

Two ethnic groups – Beni Amer and Beja – clashed over the nomination of Governor Salah Ammar of the Beni Amer tribe.

Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok has sent a ministerial delegation to the state.

The acting governor Arbab El Fadul has imposed a three-day curfew in the state and police have been deployed to enforce it.

Supporters of the new governor want him to quickly arrive in Kassala and assume office, while the rival tribe has rejected his appointment.

The disputed governor in his Eid address said his arrival had been delayed because of the protests over his nomination.

Prime Minister Hamdok appointed 18 civilian governors sparking tribal rivalries in some states.