Two million people dead since 2013, says Mudede

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NEARLY 2 million people have died in the last five years, the Registrar General Tobaiwa Mudede has revealed.

Mudede told the Defence, Home Affairs and Security Committee this Monday that the rate of mortality in Zimbabwe was too high for such a small population.

“People are dying. Since 2013, I want you to see the number we have of deaths. It’s about 1, 7 million since just after the election until now,” said Mudede while inviting law makers to access information managed by his office.

He added, “Our constituencies can have these figures and analyse life expectancy. This number is big and scary, isn’t it? We are talking about a population of 14 million at most but for you to have dead people amounting to 1, 7 million since 2013? We have all the figures including of little babies born yesterday.”

Mudede revealed this as committee members sought answers on the actual statistics of adults who could vote against those who had registered to vote.

According to the registrar general, records show at least 10, 4 million people were above 18.

“The number that we have here for women above the age of 18 its 5, 3 million, then were come onto the males, about 5, 1 million and we come to total; 10, 462 161. These figures are the ones that actually appear on our database as registered.

“There may be other who may not have registered but let me go further on to say this is civil registration we are talking about, it has nothing to do with electoral district registration.”

According to the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, 5, 3 million registered to vote against a target of 7 million.