Two police officers testify against Chivhu ‘killer’ mom; witnesses say she had devilish motive to spite hubby

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By Erica Jecha

THE alleged Chivhu killer mom, Emelda Marazanhi had horrendous murder intentions and was in the right frame of mind when she committed the offence.

This was heard at the High Court Tuesday as State witnesses testified to the effect suspect knew exactly what she was doing on the fateful day.

State closed its case after two more witnesses gave testimony against the alleged killer.

The witnesses are namely, Perseverance Mhuri a police sergeant and Taruvinga Kamfethu, the investigating officer, both stationed at Chivhu.

Mhuri disclosed shocking details in court alleging Marazanhi planned to kill her daughters in cold blood out of spite, as Lameck Brande, her husband, had indicated that he wanted to marry a second wife.

“She (Marazanhi) also indicated that her husband abused her and he had intended to marry a second wife. She wanted to resort to ending her life and that of her children so as to give her husband a fresh start,” Mhuri said.

Witness reiterated the defence outline emphasising accused was in an abnormal mental state.

“She came to report the crime to me barefooted, after midday in a night dress and sweating profusely. The state in which l saw her on the fateful day was different from the state she was in the day after. She was confused,” narrated the cop.

Investigating officer Kamfethu was of the view Marazanhi was well aware of what she was doing, killing her children.

“Despite me having an encounter with the accused on November 24, approximately two weeks after the gruesome murder, nothing was amiss she was normal to me,” he said.

However, the defence argued that accused’s condition was transient, and would come and go.

The defence case could not commence as it is still to secure psychiatric reports from Sally Mugabe and Parirenyatwa hospitals.

Marizanhi is accused of the gruesome murder of her four daughters following unsubstantiated issues of infidelity in her marriage involving her husband.

Trial continues November 9, 2022 before High Court Judge, Justice Munamato Mutevedzi.