Two Zanu PF Activists Grab Mbare Musika Public Toilets

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Mary Taruvinga

TWO Zanu PF officials, who were arrested on allegations of demanding payment from the public for them to use the Mbare Musika Bus Terminus public toilets, have been released by the state without charge.

The two are; Stanley Maisiri (43) and Misheck Mberikunashe (49).

They were accused of forcefully taking over the city council toilets before they started charging the public, mainly long-distance travellers, and vendors, varying amounts to use the facilities.

The complainant in the matter is Disruptive Innovation, a company represented by Clement Matsaka.

According to the court papers on December 8 last year at the Mbare Musika Pay Toilets, the accused approached the informant employed by Disruptive Innovation, and told him they were Zanu PF youths and were taking over the toilets of the company should allow them to share profits made every week.

The company has leased the Mbare Musika Bus Rank toilets from the Harare City Council since 2015.

Court papers show the duo ordered the informant to close the pay toilet before they demanded to share spoils with the party youths collecting cash two days per week.

However, the informant rejected the demand.

On December 19, the two returned and ordered the informant to remove all the company’s belongings since they were now in charge of the toilets.

Out of fear, Rodrick Mbofana a cashier removed the company’s property, and Maisiri and Mberikunashe locked the toilets.

After locking the toilets, the Zanu PF youths went away, and the complainant did not benefit from his business for four days, leading to the arrest of the two.