Typical Mugabe tendencies – says Chamisa as Mnangagwa off to Guinea

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By UK Bureau

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa flew out to the West African country of Guinea Monday morning in yet another foreign trip at a time his government is urging Zimbabweans to tough out worsening economic hardships.

Not much is known about trade links between the two countries.

According to State media, Mnangagwa travelled at the invitation of Guinean counterpart Alpha Condé.

The latest foreign trip comes at a time his government is urging Zimbabweans to tough out tough prescriptive measures he says are necessary to fix the country’s crippled economy.

“We are currently in problems but let us unite and persevere … fully aware that the current challenges are temporary and good times will soon roll,” he told a church gathering in Masvingo on Sunday.

Mnangagwa’s predecessor Robert Mugabe also attracted criticism for his globetrotting which cost the cash-strapped government millions of dollars.

Mugabe, in power since independence in 1980, was toppled by a military coup last November with former deputy Mnangagwa taking over.

However, according to Chamisa, the foreign travel shows that Mnangagwa is a “good student” of his former boss.

“Mnangagwa is perfecting the art of his teacher and his master. If you look at the issue of gallivanting across the world without any return in terms of investment, that’s a Mugabe formula.

“So, this whole lie that there is a New Dispensation … you can’t have a new dispensation with old dispensers. Nothing has changed.”

He added; “This is simply telling you that he (Mnangagwa) seems to enjoy the form rather than the substance of governance and leadership.

“For him it’s about titles, the paraphernalia, the ceremonies, the protocols. He is so absorbed in the pomp and circumstance of the presidency … far away from the purpose of it which is service and delivery.”