Ugandan couple resident in Zimbabwe embroiled in unexplained wealth case, set to lose US$30k properties 

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By James Muonwa

TWO married Ugandan nationals, who have been resident in Zimbabwe since 2007, are on the verge of losing two plush properties located in Mt Pleasant and Vainona if they fail to account for money used to buy the houses.

Robert Kwesiga, who was employed by the Danish Red Cross in Zimbabwe between 2007 and 2013, and his wife Sandile Hilda, now have 30 days to justify the origins and movement of cash used to purchase both properties.

In a public statement, the National Prosecuting Authority of Zimbabwe (NPAZ) said the Prosecutor-General’s office, through the Asset Forfeiture Unit, approached the High Court seeking an unexplained wealth and freezing order over the properties, which order was granted.

“The Prosecutor-General submitted to the court that there were reasonable grounds for suspecting that the couple was involved in serious crime as their lawful income was insufficient to enable them to lawfully acquire the properties.

“The absence of a paper trail reflecting origin and movement of the money that was used to purchase both houses only further compounded the suspicion of the State,” said the NPAZ.

Should the Kwesigas fail to satisfactorily explain where they got the money they risk having properties declared tainted and subsequently forfeited to the State.

According to the judgement handed down on Wednesday, May 15, 2024, the couple, or anyone on their behalf, is restrained from disposing of the houses until the order is varied or set aside by the court.