UK based businessman breaks into lucrative gold mining; urges diasporans to take advantage of vast opportunities

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By Alois Vinga

PETER Ganya, a United Kingdom based Zimbabwean who left his home country in his 20s in search for greener pastures in Europe did not even dream that someday he would come back to unlock his fortune in the motherland.

Sharing his success story with, Ganya said he secured a teaching job upon arrival in the UK but could barely make ends meet.

He tried several investment ideas but was still caught up in the same situation despite changing jobs.

“I secured another job as Vice President of a mining company based in the UK specializing in mining within Africa and some parts of Europe. The Company was registered in Nevada with its headquarters in England.

“But still that did not change the situation after I lost huge savings on several ideas I had,” he said.

He said he then decided to take advantage of the investment opportunities back home, after learning that Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) was a topical issue back home.

Ganya said it was only after resurrecting a company he formed in 1996, Baobab Minerals P/L which he left dormant until a turning point in 2018 that he unveiled his lifetime fortune.

The mining company has claims just about 2, 5 kilometres from Kwekwe, it has registered significant growth, creating 400 jobs for locals and boasts of appointing learned graduates like geologists , accountants and engineers.

“Registering the mine was very easy. I first registered a company with the registrar of companies and there are consultancies across the country who can assist me in mining. I then proceeded to prospect for gold and other minerals.

“Upon completing the process, I registered with the Ministry of Mines,” said.

The proud miner said after paying the fees, he surveyed and erected beacons with coordinates and that formed the mine’s boundaries.

“The company has grown from strength to strength over the years and at the peak we produced 10 kgs of gold. The company is now a formidable brand availing several jobs and impacting the community in which we operate from in several ways,” said Ganya.

Turning to young Zimbabweans who do not see any investment opportunities back home, the miner said Diaspora Direct Investments (DDI) are a good avenue with high return on Investment.

“My advice is that people in the diaspora should take advantage of the open for business and provide DDI. Imagine diaspora remittances in Zimbabwe hit US$1,2 billion annually, yet they remain consumptive. If we therefore use that potential to invest then we will take our country very far.

“The Chinese nationals are in Zimbabwe .The whole world is rushing to exploit minerals in Zimbabwe so this presents an opportunity for those in the diaspora to tap into such lucrative opportunities,” added Ganya.