UK-based Joyline Clothing designer aims higher

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UK-BASED fashion designer Joyline K Munaiwa has risen to fame thanks to her focus on the “never out of style” maxi-skirts.
Munaiwa’s label called Joyline Clothing has attracted international attention and she believes her status is rising just as fast as her label.
Alas, her fame has a sad genesis.
“After a knee injury in 2013, I was out of work and I decided to follow the fashion career path.
“I have evolved from doing basic designs to doing sophisticated garments for special events like weddings. I have since improved in my pattern-cutting techniques and the finish of my garments,” she said.
Munaiwa believes her pieces have kept her customers in awe as her aim is to surprise them all the time.
She said, “I have been researching on vintage designs and trying to see how they can be brought back to suit the modern style incorporating African prints; this has seen me bringing exciting designs that are slightly unusual.
“Hugely, my whole being is influenced by Africa; the uniqueness of the African fashion industry and culture inspires me and my label.
“Internationally, the reception has been very good, we currently only ship to the USA but plan to expand soon.”
Munaiwa revealed that becoming a reputable designer is a long, challenging, exciting and educational journey; and that one keeps growing and learning.
“I would like to be supplying our products internationally by the end of the year setting me up for my huge surprise development set for 2017,” she explained.
“Joyline -clothing brings Joy at the first touch of every garment,” is her motto.